Property Law

Walter Fielding (Tom Hanks), The Money Pit

Just because they showed up to collect the money, is no guarantee that they’ll show up to do the work…and if they do…I can’t pay for it!

Walter Fielding (Tom Hanks), The Money Pit

Here lies Walter Fielding. He bought a house, and it killed him.

Eric Hoffer.

It is easier to love humanity as a whole than to love one’s neighbor.

Nittai of Arbel, Pirkei Avot

Keep away from a bad neighbor. Do not fraternize with a wicked man. And do not abandon belief in retribution.

Commercial Landlord / Tenant

Mark Twain

Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.

Tenants have rights. Landlords have rights. The lease agreement signed by both governs the relationship. The Texas Property Code governs the relationship. So what’s the outcome when the parties disagree on an issue or do not get along? How is a breach of the agreement handled? What should a tenant do when treated wrongly? What are the landlord’s recourses when taken advantage of?

Landlord tenant problems are so sensitive because they impact so much that is important to us: our places of residence, workplace, investment property. Inherent in a leasing a space is a relationship with another party. And often there is little else to bond the two sides beyond the original lease agreement.

Call us about your problem. We will, as always, prioritize the peaceful resolution of your problems. If none can be found, we will battle out the issues in court.

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