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MIT and Harvard Sue Over the New F-1 Student Visa Policy

Surprise! Two prominent U.S. universities filed a lawsuit today in response to the new temporary final order issued by the Department of Homeland Security “DHS” yesterday. As stated in my last post, foreign F-1 student visa holders enrolled in universities who will have ONLINE ONLY classes this upcoming semester may not remain in the United States. The government’s position is...

Temporary Injunction for the Fee Increase!

We woke up to great news! There is a stop order (aka Temporary Injunction) on the immigration application fee increase scheduled for this Friday, Oct. 2nd! We’ve been working around the clock on client cases to make sure they avoid the hike in prices. Now the fee increase is put to a stop for now… What does this mean? Many...

Student Visas Are Now Back On!

Department of Homeland Security announced earlier this month how F-1 student visa holders would meet new restrictions if their intended schools/universities were to hold ONLINE ONLY classes this upcoming semester. This threw many clients into a panic since the new semester is to begin next month! MIT and Harvard joined in a lawsuit to contest the new policy. Many companies...

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